Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find reloading data?

 I usually use lead bullets. What copper bullet do I choose?

  • Monolithic copper bullets are about 25% lighter than lead filled bullets. If you choose a copper bullet with the same weight as your lead bullet it would probably be too long and not match your twist rate, and as a result not stabilize properly. Ergo you must step down a weight class when you switch from lead to copper. A typical 180grs lead bullet will be replaced with a 165grs copper bullet. Even thou it´s lighter it will gain higher velocity and therefore have equal or even better terminal ballistics than the 180grs lead bullet. Check the bullet data listed on each bullet to find a good match to suit your weapon and purpose.

 Do my rifles twist rate match your bullets?

  • Check the bullet data listed on each bullet to find the recomended twist rate.

 Do we make custom bullets?

  • At the moment we do not offer production of custom bullets. If this changes we will let you know in our newsletter. So sign up!